About Us

Our Features

An Excellent People Search

We have a completely custom search that is tailored to your needs. You can search for other members based on many criteria including the ability to search for people who are close to you within a radius that you define. Additionally you can search for people who match any specific characteristics that you like.

A Fun Global News Feed

The main home page of Curvious is a super fun global news feed where anyone can share updates. Share anything you like with the community and other members can reply to your post. This is a great way to get out there and break the ice. You can talk about your love of curves, belly appreciation or whatever is on your mind. The news feed provides general updates regarding what is happening in the community.

Gorgeous Photo Gallery

Curvious has one of the most incredible photos galleries on the web. It's fluid design and endless scroll makes it very easy to browse many photos. It's also very easy to upload photos and create your own Albums. We have custom permission settings meaning that you can choose who will get to see your photos. Also we work to keep images posted to Curvious private by not exposing them to the general public. additionally we post a copyright watermark to every image.

Powerful Chat Options

Curvious has world class communication tools including integrated chat, instant messaging and Video chat. we have it all. You can start a global discussion in our forums, post your thoughts to our global news feed or comment on a photo. Conversely you can converse privately using private messaging or our integrated instant messenger.

Kickass Location Tools

Curvious enables the potential for real world meet ups. Curvious is able to share the distance between you and other members while still maintaining your secrecy regarding your exact location. It's the perfect balance of knowledge and security. Powerful geolocation tools allow you to start conversation with people who are near you. We even have a total members map.

Entertaining User Gifts

Curvious has fun gifts that can be shared with other members as a flirty ice breaker or to give them something to smile about. There are many different gifts that can be shared. It adds and enjoyable twist to social networking

Brilliant Personal News Feed

Curvious gives you your own news feed specific to only the things involving you. It's a fully custom news feed separate from the gloabl news feed that will provide all the things relevant to your activity across the site.

Useful Features

Curvious remains incredibly simple to use with a clean layout and responsive design while providing the most rich experience anywhere on the web for Fat admiration. We have forums, custom user groups an event builder and even video chat. Don't wait. Sign up and jump into the fun.

Customizable Profiles

Give your profile a touch of your personality. Make it look how you want it to look. Post a custom header on your profile, share photos of yourself in your gallery and you can even share videos.

Robust User Groups

If you can't find exactly what you want on Curvious you can create your own group specific to your flavor. You will be the admin and can choose who is a member of your group.